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It is the dream of many to own a business. Many businesses start and fail during
the first year of operation. Lack of experience, knowledge and
under-capitalization generally are the causes surrounding most of these failures.

Our goal is to purchase one of the abandoned schools in Detroit and convert it
to "The Opportunity Institute" a learning facility for young entrepreneurs and a
job training facility to teach basic skills for job readiness.

Potential entrepreneurs looking to build their fortune by starting their own
businesses will benefit from the lessons learned through this business training
program; they will increase significantly their opportunities for success and, at
the same time, reduce the risk of starting their venture.
Learning valuable business
lessons before starting a new
venture will point out clearly to an
individual not only the ordinary
hazards to avoid, but also the
value of the information that
comes from the mistakes made
by most new business owners.

In addition to training, our
program will offer participants
immediate placement if needed
in the field of their profession by
networking with other business's
and supporting other
entrepreneurs who have
completed the program.

The basic skills training will
provide students with the skills
needed to advance in a diverse
society by teaching hands on
approaches to common
workplace activities. We believe
entrepreneurs should be both
mentally and physically fit.

Our business training program
offers potential entrepreneurs
the opportunity to be able to
invest the appropriate amount of
time researching what is
necessary to build a business
and further boost their business
insight; their chances of success
increase considerably as a
result and the cost of starting
and running their business
decreases. The program
emphasize learning from others’
successes and failures;
business owners will learn to
recognize those mistakes and
instead choose to follow proven
steps that have provided
successful outcomes.
We offer "Hands Free Freight" and "Moving Services" in Detroit and
Surrounding Suburbs
Affordable Pricing & Prompt Professional Service Guaranteed!
Email: MotorCityMovesMi@Showtellit.com